What is the contact information for the Management Team?

Jerry Cohen, General Manager, Jerry.cohen@hines.com

Jennifer Smith, Leasing Director, Jennifer.Smith@hines.com

Rachel Oelke, Director of Marketing, Rachel.oelke@hines.com

Debby Courrier, Senior Project Accountant, Debby.courrier@hines.com

Tim Haroldson, Security Director, Tim.haroldson@hines.com

Tony Heimkes, Lead Engineer, Tony.heimkes@hines.com

Maurina Mosley, Marketing Coordinator, Maurina.mosley@hines.com

Rose Ellingson, Administrative Assistant, Rose.Ellingson@hines.com

Michael Olson, Engineer, Michael.olson@hines.com

Mike Hammerstrom, Engineer, Mike.hammerstrom@hines.com


How can I reserve a conference room?

Any tenant can reserve one of our two conference rooms for tenant related needs i.e. staff meetings, interviews, employee reviews etc. Please contact Guest Services at 952.925.4321 to reserve Conference Room A (holds up to 20 people) or Conference Room B (Holds up to 8 people).


How do I check a Galleria Gift Card balance?

Please call Guest Services at 952.925.4321 with the Galleria Gift Card number. They will look up the balance for you and will give you the charge history.


What are gift card fees?

Galleria provides it’s gift card program to the tenants and customers through the use of a third party. Because of this, there are gift card fees after 12 inactive consecutive months. At that time a $3.00 dormancy fee will be assessed against the balance of the gift card in the 13th month and each month after unless the card is used. If any card is near the 12 month mark of inactivity, Guest Services can reissue the card for the full amount before the dormancy fee begins giving the card another 12 months before becoming dormant.


What is the in Center Poster Policy?

All merchants can submit up to 4 posters per campaign to be placed in the center in different vestibules and directories. Posters must be 22 x 28 and printed on medium weight cardstock. Please do not back with foam core. Stores are responsible for printing costs and any costs associated with printing. Please submit a proof to Maurina.Mosley@hines.com prior to printing. Galleria reserves the right to add and/or remove posters at any time.


How do I submit information for an event or sale?

Please submit all information using the event form here