Lindsey Herzog for Galleria: The Waldorf

Lindsey Herzog for Galleria: The Waldorf

I made a visit to NYC for fashion week and it was my best trip ever. For many reasons but the two that stand out to me the most are The Waldorf and good shoes.

Imagine this… my car drops me off in front of the stately building just blocks from Central Park in NYC. The infamous “Waldorf Astoria” engraved in gold between two American flags blowing in the wind. The doorman takes my bags and I’m ushered through the revolving doors. Immediately my eyes scan the room… everything they rest on is elegant and polished. From the marble staircase to the sky-high ceilings and ornate chandeliers, I was immediately in love. Moving into the main foyer, the dream continued as a pianist played La Vie en Rose mellifluously. It’s served as sojourn to Queen Elizabeth, Churchill, Senatra, JFK, Reagan, among other political and cultural royals. The week’s pampering continued with morning and afternoon tea in the towers, beautiful views from the room, drawn bubble baths & plush robes for winding down and of course the gloriously delicious Red Velvet cake (invented at The Waldorf!). If you ever want to feel like an American princess in one of the greatest cities in the world, a stay at the Waldorf is an absolute must.

With all of the galavanting about the city during fashion week, sore feet is almost an inevitability. However, this time around I took a different approach. First of all, I brought fold-able flats to change into when the streetstyle photographers were out of sight. Secondly, I made sure to invest in some quality, comfortable shoes. These BCBG bow sandals were first on my list. I picked them up at the Galleria Edina first because I adored the silhouette. But I knew I made the right decision when my feet lasted hours in them! If it wasn’t for the Waldorf & good shoes, I’m fairly certain my stay in NYC would have been much less divine!

Styling Tip: Match your surroundings! When going to brunch at an established spot with classic architecture, go for a more Victorian-inspired look. It’s one of the season’s biggest trends as it is! Hitting up a more modern place? Pull out the black ponte leggings and an oversized sweater.

What about you? Where have you found the most comfortable shoes that you can last hours in?