Spring Refresh: 10 Ways to Lift Your Living Space

It's about that time again. The sun is streaming through your living room windows, a fresh breeze catches the curtains, you hear a few birds chirping a sweet melody, and suddenly you have the urge to clean everything. Dusting, vacuuming, purging, washing, folding, organizing, re-organizing...spare nothing. Coming home to a fresh living space does wonders for the mind. Continue reading for simple solutions to tidy up your humble abode this spring. 

1. Freshen Your Front Porch

  Pottery Barn Hello Goodbye Mat . Photo by @marikachi. 

Pottery Barn Hello Goodbye Mat. Photo by @marikachi. 

The entry that greets guests and that you walk in everyday should feel like a warm welcome-home hug every time you cross it. Sweep your porch, wash the windows, select a seasonal plant to display, and find a welcome mat that gives your porch some personality.  

2. Tidy Your Entry Way

Pack away your winter coats and bring out the lighter, brighter spring gear (but don't pack it away too far, you never know in Minnesota). If you don't already have areas designated for mail, shoes, bags, and jackets, purchase some hooks, baskets, a bench or small organizational pieces. A tidy entry is a happy hello, and a happy goodbye.   

3. Add Patio Textiles

Clean your patio cushions, and brighten up your seating area with new textiles like an outdoor rug or pillows in bold patterns. When grilling season arrives, all you'll have to do is send the invites and mix up the lemonade (pretty lanterns or twinkly lights never hurt either).  

4. Perform a Closet Cleanse 

You know that dress you've had in your closet for years because you swore you'd have an occasion to wear it for again? Us too. It's time for a spring closet cleanse. Donate anything you haven't worn in the past year, and you'll feel refreshed just having more space. 

5. De-clutter Your Kitchen Counter

Kitchen counters have a way of collecting more items that belong outside of the kitchen than in: keys, bobby pins, homework, pens, you know the drill. Take a moment to remove anything that doesn't belong in the kitchen, and organize what's left to reveal a much larger countertop than you recall having. 

6. Bring on the Blooms

Say yes to rotating fresh blooms in your living space. It brings an area to life with a pop of color and whimsy. 

7. Make your Bed

There's two kinds of people in this world: those who make their bed, and those who don't. We're advocating for the former. Some of the most successful people swear that this is the first step to achieving your daily goals. Strip your bed, wash your sheets, comforter, pillowcases and throw-blankets in the best-smelling laundry soap you can find. Then, make your bed every morning and start changing the world. 

8. Open Your Windows 

It's not spring without a fresh breeze blowing through your window (through your freshly washed linens, of course). Hello, sunshine!

9. Replace Your Bathroom Towels

Don't toss your towels quite yet. If you've had them for under 2 years, you're in the clear, but after that, they tend to lose their absorbency and softness. If it's time to swap yours out, consider switching up the color palette for a fresh, but simple update. 

10. Relax

 Img via  Pinterest

Img via Pinterest

Whether you're jet-setting to a destination or beaching it on our local lake scene, take time to refresh + recharge in the great outdoors. Your body will thank you.  

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